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Curious about Invisalign® for kids? Invisalign First™ is our go-to recommendation for young smiles in transition, offering a world of benefits for both kids and their busy parents. Understanding the importance of a confident smile, we’ve embraced this clear, comfortable, and convenient solution to guide your child’s teeth into perfect alignment with the gentle care they deserve. To learn more, please consult with our Top 1% Invisalign orthodontist in Coralville and Iowa City, IA.

Why Choose Invisalign First?

Choosing Invisalign First is about offering your child a path to a confident smile with the gentlest, most invisible support possible. It’s an investment in their happiness and health that promises minimal disruption to their daily life—and yours. Let’s embrace this journey together, ensuring your child’s smile shines bright, now and in the future.

  • Build Your Child’s Confidence

    For starters, Invisalign First is designed to be discreet. The clear aligners mean your child can flash their developing smile without the self-consciousness often associated with traditional metal braces. It’s a win for their self-esteem, letting their true personality shine through without any metallic distractions.

  • Ensure Comfort During Treatment

    Comfort is key with Invisalign First. Tailor-made for your child’s mouth, these smooth aligners sidestep the discomfort and mouth abrasions often caused by the brackets and wires of braces. It’s a relief knowing your child won’t have to endure unnecessary discomfort on their journey to a straighter smile.

  • Enjoy More Convenience

    The convenience of Invisalign First is unmatched. Removable aligners mean your child can maintain their dental hygiene with ease, brushing and flossing without the hurdles of fixed braces. Plus, there’s no need to say no to popcorn on movie night or apples at lunch—your child can continue to enjoy their favorite foods worry-free.

  • Move Teeth Safely and Efficiently

    Efficiency is another hallmark of Invisalign clear aligners. Many parents are delighted to find that their child’s treatment time is often shorter than traditional methods, thanks to the precision planning of each aligner. Whether it’s a crowded smile or gaps that need closing, Invisalign First is adept at addressing a range of dental challenges, ensuring a beautifully aligned outcome.

  • Reduce Office Visits

    For the busy moms and dads, Invisalign First means fewer and faster orthodontic visits. With no brackets to break or wires to tweak, your calendar stays as clear as the aligners themselves. It’s orthodontic care that fits seamlessly into your family’s life, minimizing stress while maximizing smiles.

  • Built-in Assurance

    Kids will be kids, which is why Invisalign First aligners come with compliance indicators that fade with wear, ensuring that your child is on track with their treatment. Plus, we understand that accidents happen, so we offer replacement aligners if needed.

Book an Invisalign First Consultation

Dr. John Mergen is proud to serve as your trusted Invisalign orthodontist in Iowa City and Coralville, IA. Not only does he have Top 1% VIP Diamond Plus Invisalign status, but he was voted Best Orthodontist in Iowa City from 2014 to 2024. To book a time for your child to see Dr. Mergen, please call (319) 688-0800 for our Iowa City office or (319) 626-2142 for our Coralville office. You may also request an appointment online.

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