Accelerated Orthodontics Treatment

With accelerated orthodontics, you can achieve your dream smile in less time! This means fewer appointments and less hassle during your treatment journey. Our orthodontist in Coralville and Iowa City, IA, understands that his patients lead busy lives. That’s why he offers accelerated orthodontic treatment to those who are eligible.

Here’s what you need to know about accelerated orthodontics and its many benefits.

How Accelerated Orthodontics Works

We use light, comfortable, and hands-free appliances that are used 20 minutes per day as a complement to Invisalign® aligners or dental braces, expediting tooth movement. The patented technology gently vibrates the teeth and surrounding bone to increase the blood flow in the area allowing the process of tooth movement to occur more rapidly.

The best part is that the accelerated orthodontics system we use is completely safe! You may experience a slight tingling sensation, much like that of the vibration of an electric toothbrush, but it should diminish after you become accustomed to using the appliance. This allows you to accelerate your orthodontic experience without sacrificing aesthetics.

Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

Accelerated orthodontics is completely safe for all patients and may be used for adolescents, teens, and adults. The appliance is so lightweight and comfortable, you may even forget you’re using it! Plus, the hands-free design allows you to achieve a beautiful, straight smile faster than you ever thought possible—even while reading, watching television, listening to music, or working on your laptop.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so confident you will love your experience at Mergen Orthodontics, we back it up with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are less than satisfied with the care you receive from our team, simply let us know and we’ll do what it takes to make it right. It’s our promise to you!

Request a Free Smile Assessment

At Mergen Orthodontics, we offer 5-star patient care which starts with a complimentary exam. During your consultation for accelerated orthodontics, our team will be happy to answer all your questions about our orthodontic treatments, offices, flexible payment options, and anything else you may want to know about us!

Your first appointment includes the following:

  • Office tour
  • Complimentary snack and beverage
  • Thorough exam
  • Digital X-rays
  • 3D digital imaging of your teeth
  • In-depth consultation

A $567 Value—At No Cost to You!

Book a Consultation with Dr. Mergen

Ready to entrust your dental health to Mergen Orthodontics? Our orthodontist in Coralville and Iowa City, IA, would be more than happy to determine if you’re a candidate for accelerated orthodontic treatment. To book a free consultation, please call our Coralville office at (319) 626-2142 or our Iowa City office at (319) 688-0800. You may also request an appointment online.

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